Understanding Window Displays in Retail

Posted by David De Freitas on Feb 19, 2019 11:40:03 AM

For retailers, finding a way to get more people into the store is tricky. After all, if you could convince everyone who looks at your store to come in for a look, you have a great chance at converting some of those nosey prospects into customers. But, how do you do that? How do you get more people inside? How do you turn window shoppers into customers?

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Experiential Marketing in Retail

Posted by David De Freitas on Feb 19, 2019 11:37:36 AM

In today's retail ecosystem, trying to get the word out about your product isn't enough. You need to give your customers something more. They need an experience. As digital trends continue to bite away at retailers' profit margins, staying afloat in the increasingly competitive market is tough. But, some retailers are doing more than surviving; they're thriving.

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10 Visual Merchandising Tips To Become A Master

Posted by David De Freitas on Feb 19, 2019 11:34:19 AM

Visual merchandising is a tried and true marketing strategy that has a profound impact on a customer's purchasing behaviour. Research shows that our sight is responsible for 83% of what consumers absorb, highlighting the importance of creating visual displays that are both captivating and memorable. Below is a look at the important role that visual merchandising plays for retailers and ten visual merchandising tips to help you master the art of visual merchandising.

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Your 8-Step Guide to Last Minute Exhibiting

Posted by Romeo Sanuri on Jan 14, 2019 9:31:03 AM

As a marketing manager in the event planning industry, your success hinges on the quality of your exhibit materials and how well you have planned for the event. In an ideal world, you will have at least several months to plan for an industry exhibition. However, unexpected opportunities sometimes arise, and it is up to you to create an amazing exhibit in lightning-fast turnaround time. When you find yourself facing a critical exhibit with little time to plan, you need to act swiftly and methodically. With this 8-step guide to last-minute exhibiting, you will knock your tasks out of the park! Your boss and everyone who views your exhibit will think you have been planning for months!


Your Step Guide to Last Minute Exhibiting
1) Survey your exhibit space

Exhibit space is pricey and costs are increasing every year. With prices ranging from under $1,000 for a small inline booth to over $27,000 AUD for a 6 x 6 metre island booth at an international event, you want to make sure you properly utilise every square inch of your allotted area. So before you swing into action and map out a strategy, make sure you know exactly what you have to work with in terms of exhibit space.

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